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Help us launch a fabulous new film on the organic movement.  EOO is finished and has been successful in initial outreach, fifty screenings so far. Now there is one last thing to wrap up: licensing five songs for $20,000.

BUY US A SONG takes a collective approach to the last big expense of the film. We figure that friends and supporters want to pitch in to pay the Grateful Dead and other musicians whose work we love. The campaign will run for two months, from June 1st thru July 31st. Whether this is your chance to contribute for the first time or you would like to give once more, please help us bring the film home!

Songs to license include:

UNCLE JOHN’S BAND by The Grateful Dead

  • This is the title song, leads us from conventional agriculture to its opposite, organic

GARDEN SONG by Dave Mallett

  • This iconic song keys a stirring montage of the early days of organic

(I FEEL LIKE I’M) FIXIN’ TO DIE RAG by Country Joe & the Fish

  • Anti-war classic takes us to Vietnam, herbicides and veteran farmers saying no

FURTHER ON (UP THE ROAD) by Bruce Springsteen

  • From an animated explosion of organic products to images of the movement now


  • A tribute to the organic life, which runs under the closing credits.

Two licenses are required for each piece of music: the written composition; and the recording. For “Uncle John’s Band” each license will cost $5,000, or $10,000 total. Because it is a title song, that’s a good deal. “Fixin’ to Die Rag” will cost $3,000. “Garden Song” and “The Bounty of the County” will cost $1,000 each. Bruce Springsteen’s people have not given us a quote yet; first they want to see what markets and deals we get. However $5,000 is a good estimate. Thus, we are hoping to raise a total of $20K. 

About the Buy Us A Song Campaign:

We are homebrewing this crowdfunding campaign,  using Paypal and the film’s fiscal sponsor, IDA.  We will update the totals periodically.

Timeframe:  June 1 to July 31, 2018

Goal:  $20,000

Amount Raised to Date:   $ 10,540

Number of Contributors:  23

Ways to Contribute:

Use the Paypal link to process a credit or debit card:

IDA, the International Documentary Association, is the film’s fiscal sponsor. Use this link for tax-deductible donations:

For larger tax-deductible donations or paying paying by check, or any other questions, please contact Mark Kitchell directly.   phone: (415) 515-0785   email:

Here are rewards for giving:

  • $100 or more gets you a DVD
  • $50 or more gets you a link to stream the film on Vimeo

Additional reasons to give:

  1. Musicians and composers deserve support for their creative endeavors. Make sure they get paid!
  2. Be part of the crucial last step in finishing the film. We spent the last year raising $70,000 in finishing costs. Now we really want to be done!
  3. Help us do grassroots outreach, educate and inspire young and old, build support for organic! 

For more information about the film, see the rest of this website.