Newsletter #29   6/07/18


This is a quick newsletter to let you know that BUY US A SONG, our crowd-funding campaign to license five pieces of music, has launched. It’s the last call to contribute to Evolution of Organic. Please help us bring the film home!
The campaign lives on our website: 
Go there and look in menu for BUY US A SONG.
You can see our new appeal video by clicking on the link at the top of this page
Not only are we home-brewing this crowd-funding campaign so that your contributions go further. But we figure that a collective approach is the way to go, that people will want to pitch in to buy a Grateful Dead song. However modestly we hope everybody donates, whether for the first time or one last time.
You have three choices for payment:
— PayPal
— IDA, the film’s fiscal sponsor, which gives you a tax deduction
— For larger donations or to pay by check, contact Mark Kitchell at (415) 515-0785 or
In the first few days we have received $700 from the Paicines ranch screening. Going forward we will contribute income from screenings and sales of the film. However I got two location scouting jobs, and am too busy to work as hard on outreach as I should. So please help us get started and I promise to pick up BUY US A SONG soon.
Thanks! Mark

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