Newsletter #27 – May 17, 2018
Hi, Mark Kitchell here again. The San Francisco showing at the Roxie is coming up next Monday, May 21st from 6pm-9pm. Rainbow Grocery is sponsoring the event; they have been oh so generous and helpful. Big thanks! Appearing will be Bu Nygrens of Veritable Vegetable, Kim Kaput of Rainbow Grocery, and John Wick of the Marin Carbon Project. We did a lot of postering and gave out postcards at five farmers markets. Hopefully a big crowd will show up. I recommend buying tickets in advance at or just go to the Roxie website. It’s exciting to play our hometown cinema. Be there!
On Saturday, June 2nd from 1pm-4pm, is an event at Paicines Ranch in San Benito Co. about ten miles south of Hollister. It’s an extraordinary place, a center of regenerative ranching, run by Kelly Mulville who is interviewed in the film. Thanks to Sallie Calhoun, they are also one of our sponsors. Claudio Nunez will lead a tour of the ranch, Evolution of Organic will screen in the barn and John Wick will talk about carbon farming.
Here’s a link for tickets:
After you get tickets, they will send driving instructions and a phone number.
New additions to the screening schedule include:
— Thursday 5/24      Leashless Brewery, Ventura
— Tuesday 6/05        Marc Kasky’s house at 64 Funston in the Presidio of San Francisco
— Monday 6/25         Marmalade Library, Salt Lake City, 7pm
— Tuesday 6/26        CalEPA Headquarters, 1001 I St., Sacramento
— Tuesday 7/03        Arena Theater in Point Arena (thanks to Susan Crutcher)
— Monday 7/16         Varsity Theater in Ashland, OR, benefit for Our Family Farms
— Tuesday 7/17        Southgate Cinema in Grants Pass, OR
We’re working on The Shed in Healdsburg and other Northern California screenings for July; the Bijou in Eugene and more Oregon screenings; Pothole Pictures in Shelburne Falls, MA; Southern California in the fall; Idaho and Washington, Arizona and Colorado; and ALBA Institute in Salinas with a Spanish-dubbed version now in the works.
BUY US A SONG, our crowdfunding campaign to license five songs, the last call to contribute to Evolution of Organic, will launch on June 1st and run for two months thru the end of July. It makes sense to take a collective approach to these final costs and we hope you like the idea of buying a Grateful Dead song. For me it’s the last mile. Help!
The final version of the film is done and new masters have been made. Thanks again to all who contributed including twenty-three sponsors. You are in the credits. I’m pleased and proud and it’s a huge relief to turn our attention more fully to grassroots outreach. The last two events, at Mark Squire’s Tara Firma Farm and Javier Zamora’s JSM Organics, taught us a lot. Turnouts are smaller on a farm. That’s all right, we’re still dedicated to finding the organic community wherever and however. We’re having good discussions and, amazingly enough, everybody likes the film.

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