Warren Weber, exemplary back-to-the land’er, with a great baby lettuce tale






Izzy Martin, who battles pesticides and builds alternatives





Steve Pavich, grape grower who leads organic to commercial scale





Tonya Antle, cheerleading marketer who’s the first to break into supermarkets

Bu Nygrens & Mary Jane Evans of Veritable Vegetable, distributor to the movement

Brian Leahy & Allen Garcia, rice growers who have become respectively head of California Dept of Pesticide Regulation and an expert in wildlife conservation farming



Paul Muller, whose Full Belly Farm comes close to realizing the organic ideal





Stephen Decater, whose farm embodies Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic path





Julie Guthman, author of “Agrarian Dreams” who brings the best analysis of the movement




Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 7.08.08 PM.png

John Wick and Jeffrey Creque of the Marin Carbon Project, in the vanguard of carbon farming and sequestration, using compost no less.

Severine Fleming, founder of the Greenhorns, leads the Greenhorns tour


Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm, leaders in no-till farming battling climate change

Marie Hoff, shepherd with Fibershed, extending organic to fibers and dyes





Kristyn Leach of Sunol Ag Park




Lalitha Visveswaran of Sunol Ag Park






Sibella Kraus of Sunol Ag Park, SAGE






Fred Hempel of Sunol Ag Park




Amigo Bob Contisano, Organic Farming Advisor, Ecological Farming Conference Founder




We’re treating the following folks with material we get from them:

-- Marci Zaroff, eco-fashion pioneer, leads us through cotton, from the dirty old pesticide-laden to organic cotton from India. The fashion story is lots of fun.

-- Gunnar Lovelace of Thrive Market, online organic marketplace growing by leaps and bounds.

-- Jacob Katz leading Project Nigiri – flooding rice fields and raising salmon.

-- Urban Farms/Food Justice – this sequence will have three beats:

  • Occupy the Farm – a land invasion last Earth Day, which I filmed – plus Todd Darling’s great Occupy the Farm
  • City Slickers Farm in Oakland, growing for the community in a food desert
  • A montage of Catherine Snead’s garden at SF County Jail; On Lok rooftop garden; and Potrero Hill overlooking the Mission