EVOLUTION of ORGANIC is finished as of May 1st !

Running time is 82 minutes, four acts of twenty minutes.

Frances McDormand is the narrator; she brings a light touch.

Gary Malkin wrote a wonderful music score.

Jim Le Brecht of Berkeley Sound Artists did a great mix.

Robert Dalva, editor, created a masterwork.

Mark Kitchell, director-writer-producer, led the film through two rounds of interviews and archival research, scripting and editing.

The rough-cut phase featured editor Veronica Selver assisted by James Gowdey, with archival researchers Rachel Antell and Jen Petrucelli digging up treasures.

In May of 2016 we hit rough-cut, 77 minutes that felt taut and strong. In round two we filmed eight new interviews plus introduced a few more subjects archivally. Through the fine-cut phase last fall and winter, editor Robert Dalva rebuilt the film on a bigger scale, and then fine-cut it down to perfection.

Two big tasks now face us: 

  • fundraising to pay $140,000 in finishing costsŸ
  • organizing grassroots outreach and distribution

Outreach and Distribution Plans

We’re pursuing broadcasters, digital and DVD markets, non-theatrical distributors and festivals worldwide. But what we’re known for is indie grassroots outreach campaigns. On A Fierce Green Fire we organized 300+ events with activists around environmental issues. In the next year or two we are committed to putting on one hundred screenings in California. And we’ll hope to have another hundred or two around the country and worldwide. We’ll set up screenings at schools and colleges, libraries and community centers, barns and fields, stores and farmers markets. Events we’re working on include:

-- a benefit for the new owners of T&D Willey Farm at a movie palace in Fresno
-- a screening at Hoes Down festival at Full Belly Farm in October
-- a day of picking strawberries and a movie in the packing shed at Javier Zamora’s
-- a celebration of Kern County as #1 in organic, thanks to Grimmway / Cal-Organic
-- a Santa Cruz premiere hosted by Awe Sum Organics
-- a Southern California tour sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s
-- a grant to bring the film to underserved rural communities.
-- Bioneers Conference and festivals around the world.

We want your help with outreach. Get on our list if you’re not already. Check our website for news about events. Tell your friends and circles about it. Take up the cause of spreading this film far and wide. If you are interested in hosting or helping to organize an event, please let us know. EVOLUTION of ORGANIC is a gift, a tool, meant to educate and inspire. Join us in making good use of it

Plans are to roll the film out in the fall. We hope to do the fall festival circuit, beginning with Telluride on Labor Day, and on to Toronto, New York and IDFA in Amsterdam. We also need the summer to organize screenings, events and campaigns. So we ask for a bit of patience, along with your help on outreach and financial support. There’s a Vimeo. Get in touch. I look forward to showing you the film.