My previous films have taken a decade or chunks thereof to make. This time I’m trying to break a speed record -- finish in two years -- one down and one to go. The first half of 2015 was spent fundraising. The success of A Fierce Green Fire led to six grants totaling $54,000 to launch the film. We spent the fall filming ten very strong interviews, and just finished the Greenhorns tour. It’s exciting to have launched so well!

Plans are to spend four months from January through April scripting and editing a rough-cut. Veronica Selver, long-time collaborator, returns as editor. James Gowdey assists and does archival research. Once we get to rough-cut, the rest will clarify.

If it’s good, we should get finishing funds. Plans call for another round of production: additional interviews; shooting B-roll; getting to work on graphics and animation; etc.

If funding flows we can be editing a final cut in the fall; and complete it in time for Sundance in 2017. All my films premiered there. This will be the latest, maybe greatest.