EVOLUTION of ORGANIC is finished but it’s not done until we raise and pay finishing costs. They include balances owed for the sound mix and the music score; licensing songs from the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen and more; licensing archival film and photos; color finishing; conforming and mastering the film; the animator, archival team and post-production supervisor; editor Robert Dalva, who deferred pay for six months; and help for producer/director Mark Kitchell, who was not paid for most of the project.

We’ve had good fortune making this film. Funding has come from generous grants, key individuals, and the organic community. Six former funders and the Gaia Fund got the film to rough-cut. Two crowdfunding campaigns and major contributors like Marion Weber and Sallie Calhoun, David Posner and Anette Marweld sustained the second round of filming and editing. David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s, Sarah Livia Brightwood of the Szekely Family Fdn. and others brought the project to the finish line. Our deepest thanks to all who gave. Now is the time for a last big wave of support. Help us launch!

Here are ways you can contribute:

  • Buy the film in advance to go toward finishing costs.
    $25 gets you a download
    $50 gets you a DVD
    (please note that delivery will be held back until the film rolls out in the fall)
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to our fiscal sponsor IDA.
    $200 gets your name in the credits (we’re holding them open for additions)
    $2,000 and up makes you a sponsor, with your logo in the credits

Here’s a link to our online store: https://squareup.com/store/mark-kitchell

Here’s a link to our fiscal sponsor: http://documentary.org/film/evolution-organic

Please contact Mark Kitchell about support, offers to help and questions.


Please SHARE this film with your friends and followers, help us with outreach through our Facebook page.

The film’s fiscal sponsor is IDA, International Documentary Association, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on the link above, or make a check payable to IDA. On the memo line, put Film # 4219, Evolution of Organic.


Mail to:
International Documentary Association
3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 980,
Los Angeles CA 90010

Problems/Questions? Contact Lisa Hasko.
(213) 232-1660 x210
Fed tax ID: #95-3911227