Mark Kitchell – director, writer and producer – is best known for Berkeley in the Sixties, a classic that has become one of the defining films about the protest movements that shook America during the 1960s. More recently he made A Fierce Green Fire, the first film to bring together all the major parts of the environmental movement. It was a big success, peaking with national broadcast on American Masters on Earth Day 2014.

Bob Dalva – editor of the fine-cut – went to USC Cinema with George Lucas and came up at Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope. He has edited 29 features: The Black Stallion; Jumanji; Captain America; Jurassic Park III; and Mark's favorite, October Sky. He also edited the amazing TV cutdown of A Fierce Green Fire.

Sibella Kraus is collaborating. Her SAGE creates urban edge farms. She’s known for developing the Ferry Plaza Market, began as cook and forager for Chez Panisse, has written extensively and may be the best student of the organic movement.

Jackie Miller & Andrew Michael of Partnerships for Change are Associate Producers. They bring twenty years of social impact strategy and thought leaders in media and direct action. They are behind MissRepresentation, The invisible War and The Hunting Ground.

Veronica Selver editor of the rough cut -- edited both Berkeley in the Sixties and A Fierce Green Fire. She’s best known as one of the makers of Word Is Out, the pioneering film about growing up gay in America. She also directed KPFA On the Air. Over four decades she edited many distinguished documentaries: On Company Business; You Got to Move; Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin; Coming Out Under Fire; and Absolutely Positive.

James Gowdey came up on A Fierce Green Fire and is now editor, assistant editor and post-production supervisor – invaluable.

Vicente Franco and Todd Darling are cinematographers. Vicente is everybody’s favorite, has shot every documentary of worth as well as made his own, like Daughter From Danang and The Summer of Love. Todd produced and directed the recent hit, Occupy the Farm, about UC Berkeley’s Gill Tract being turned into an urban farm.

Lauretta Molitor and Ray Day share sound recording credits.

Nick Stern, a high-school friend of Mark’s who just retired from a career animating for Disney, is offering his help with graphics and animation. He’s an Animation Hall of Fame inductee, best known for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Archival producing team Jen Petrucelli and Rachel Antell have each worked in film and media production for nearly 20 years. Rachel has produced and edited independent and commissioned documentary films that have appeared on HBO, PBS, and in festivals worldwide. Most recently, she was the archival producer on Nancy Kates’ feature documentary Regarding Susan Sontag.”

For many years, Jen produced and conducted archival research on a series of historical documentaries for Lucasfilm which aired on the History Channel. They ranged in topic from Mata Hari to Picasso to Patton. She wrote and produced Double Victory, the Lucasfilm documentary on the Tuskegee airmen.