From filmmaker Mark Kitchell (Berkeley in the Sixties, A Fierce Green Fire) comes a new film: EVOLUTION of ORGANIC. Its the story of organic agriculture, told by those who built the movement. A motley crew of back-to-the-landers, spiritual seekers and farmers’ sons and daughters reject chemical farming and set out to explore organic alternatives. It’s a heartfelt journey of change – from a small band of rebels to a cultural transformation in the way we grow and eat food. By now organic has gone mainstream, split into an industry oriented toward bringing organic to all people and a movement that has realized a vision of sustainable agriculture. It’s the most popular and successful outgrowth of the environmental impulse of the last fifty years.  

EVOLUTION of ORGANIC is not just a history, but looks to exciting and important futures:

•     The next generation who are broadening organic into no-till and urban farms; Latino growers and eco-fashion; even raising salmon in flooded rice fields
•     Carbon farming as a climate solution, taking carbon dioxide out of the air and putting it in the ground where it belongs – “the best news on the planet”
•     What lies “beyond organic,” from soil microbiology as the new frontier to visions of regenerative agriculture. As interviewee Kelly Mulville says,

Creating health in the soil creates health in the ecosystem
creates health in the atmosphere – and it all cycles around.

We did it! Finished EVOLUTION of ORGANIC just in time for its premiere 4/20, the opening film of the SF Green Film Fest. The audience loved it, caught up in the story and the passion and the beauty and the fun. It’s a collective tale, full of good stories and strong characters. You're sure to like it. Everyone does.

A companion book is coming to this website soon, edited and written by Kim Bancroft. She presents eight of the interviews for the film, tells their stories more fully. It’s a great way to go deeper into organic. Look for it here!

We’re known for grassroots outreach campaigns, and look forward to bringing EVOLUTION of ORGANIC to the world. We committed to organizing one hundred screenings around California -- see the Status and Plans section for more details.

The audience for this film is all those people who are passionate about their food, where it comes from and how it is grown. This is the perfect film for them, the story of organic past present and future. It will prove very popular.

However we have a mountain to climb first. Typically one third of the costs of a film come at the end and it’s a big challenge. We’re in desperate need of help bringing this film home.

Here are ways you can contribute:

  • ŸBuy the film in advance to go toward finishing costs. 
    $25 gets you a download
    $50 gets you a DVD
    (please note that delivery will be held back until the film rolls out in the fall)
  • ŸMake a tax-deductible donation to our fiscal sponsor IDA.
    $200 gets your name in the credits (we’re holding them open for additions)
    $2,000 and up makes you a sponsor, with your logo in the credits

    Here’s a link to our online store:
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ŸPlease contact Mark Kitchell about support, offers to help and questions.